Business Research Services

In the current international market place, there are more opportunities available than ever before. Some of those are evident, and others hidden in emerging fields that you may not know much about. Outsourcing business research offers companies with an opportunity to take advantage of cutting-edge technology in the field of research and data analysis to find such hidden fields and extend your business reach.

As a trusted provider of business research in India for companies around the globe, NVS Analytics offers comprehensive secondary business research services for a number of major industries. Whether you need an online business report developed to provide an overview of your potential competitors in a new field, or an overview of your target audience demographic, or their most recent buying patterns, we offer an entire range of business research services that will enable you to do all of these things and more.

Business Research Services We Offer

We offer wide range of business research options that allow us to conduct best possible data collection and application of information for your business –

Business Plan

We provide customized business plans that take an objective, well-informed view of each proposed investment by aligning relevant data, precise actions, and timescales.

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Online Business Research

We make use of the established online sources to research about your company’s existing market, your recent actions, and find the current status of your company and products.

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Business Competitor Analysis

We present comprehensive profiles of your competitors, both in terms of business decisions, strategies, expansion plans, new product development strategies and current financial health. We can also show you how these might affect your business in the future.

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Industry Profiling and Analysis

As a part of our Industry profiling services, we provide you with a full overview of your industry as a whole, with an outline of key competitors, potential opportunities and more. By using industry benchmarking, trend analysis and SWOT analysis we can help you determine how best to take actions and make key decisions based on what your competitors are doing.

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Business Report Writing

We have the capability to draft, research, and finalize important documents related to your business, and use that information to create reports for your business.

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Database Creation Services

Our business research experts can create detailed databases with important data for your business; right from competitor details to customer research and sales lead contacts.

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Primary and Secondary Research

We provide comprehensive primary and secondary research services by using important industry-specific tools including reporting services, industry publications, and competitor data.

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Country Analysis and Risk Assessment

We analyze and present data about a potential investment opportunity overseas, as well as what it would take, and what risks you could face during business expansion.

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SWOT and PESTEL Analysis

We offer comprehensive SWOT and PESTEL analysis services for businesses of all types, including those handled by your competitors.

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