Corporate Finance Support Services

The global corporate finance domain is evolving continuously. Primarily, the three main areas that keep corporate finance professionals on their toes are legal issues, banking oversight, and tax regulations. Apart from these, professionals may also need some expert help during mergers and acquisitions, seasonal overloads or when there is a lack of competent in-house staff.

A solution to dealing with a lot of incomplete tasks can be outsourcing those tasks to a trustworthy services provider like NVS Analytics. We provide timely and professional services of the highest quality and help you focus on your core business operations while maintaining adequate cash flow and profitability. We understand that you may be working on assignments that are time-bound and need expert help immediately to update massive databases.

Services We Offer

We can help you with the following services –

Peer Analysis for Mergers and Acquisitions

We conduct market screening to help you identify potential targets/buyers for acquisition during M&A activity or during a disinvestment phase.

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Developing Presentations

We create effective pitch presentations, pitch books, management presentations as well as confidential reports, taking care of all your communications requirements. Besides, we also help create necessary documents using which you can reach out to potential buyers.

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Competition Tracking

Stay ahead of your competitors with our financial modeling services, which includes discounted cash flow, mergers, IPOs, buyouts, sensitivity and synergy analysis and asset evaluation.

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Industry Trends and Technology Updates

Keep a track of the latest industry trends and technology with the reports that we create for you, based on industry benchmarks. Our reports throw light on what your competitors are doing as well.

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Data Management

It is a crucial component of corporate finance support services. When you deal with corporate finance, you must be dealing with a lot of data. Managing huge databases can be taxing and time-consuming. We help you with professional data management and data support services, as part of which we take care of database conversion, consolidation of many databases as well as updating your database regularly.

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Project Finance

We also help you evaluate the viability and feasibility of various project finance mechanisms for public as well as private projects which are of a very high scale. Our experts offer detailed research into the different aspects of public finance which you can use to select the best source of finance for your project.

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Reporting Standard Guidance

Our in-house support team can provide you with regular updates about the prevalent reporting standards and other corporate governance legal requirements. At the same time, we help you be aware of the local, national and global tax laws, tax legislations, and comply with the same for all transactions.

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Cash Management

Not to forget, cash management is an integral part of corporate finance. We support you with managing summaries of all cash transactions as well as cost comparison, using the best statistical tools.

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