Investor Relation

Investor Relations and Strategic Communications (IRSC) practice of NVS Analytics offers an array of professional services tailored to assist companies in achieving the true intrinsic value for their securities, which, a) reduces the cost of capital b) facilitates expansions and acquisitions c) enhances the shareholder’s value.

IRSC Services

Across a wide spectrum of industries, we provide a full range of IRSC services to

  • Publicly Held Companies

  • Privately Held Companies

  • Companies in Pre-IPO stages

Strategic Business Partners

We become strategic business partners of our clients by bringing to the table, insights and perspectives, from decades of experience and facilitating their success in communicating with Dalal Street. We bridge the gap between the company and the investing community and help the corporate entities

  • To present themselves to investors in a well structured manner.

  • To intrigue more investing interest and achieve true intrinsic valuation.

  • Unlock business excellence through round-the-clock services.</p<

  • Availability of highly skilled manpower and quality of work.

  • Competent, professional and efficient back office solutions.

  • Extremely competitive prices make us the first choice.

Our products and services include

Corporate Presentations

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Investor Updates

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Analyst Meets

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Investors Presentations

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Annual Reports (MD&A section)

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Road Shows

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Investors Fact Sheets

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Earnings Calls

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