Voice Based Services

NVS Analytics offers top-notch inbound and outbound call center and contact center services provided by the best people in the industry using the finest infrastructure and technology. NVS Analytics is a budding company that provides customer-centric BPO services. Our services are for the organizations that look for high operational efficiency, lower operational costs and greater flexibility.

We understand that your business needs to grow as stagnation is fully chokehold. With rising cost of manpower and rapid changes in technology, one cannot afford to waste resources.

All you need to do is outsource your non core business functions and concentrate on your important business commitments. Our experience in BPO industry has enabled us to provide realistic, perfect and reliable business plans & services. We offer array of services ranging from customer care from our state of the art call center to delivering outsourcing solutions for various back office processes. Our competencies are tightly aligned with the market needs.

What we do

  • Every organization must have an approach towards business. No matter the industry, no matter the mission, a business strategy is a primary factor of success. At NVS Analytics, we know that focusing on strategy is not easy. Organizations large and small are constantly challenged to keep up with day-to-day activities and do not have the bandwidth to focus finite resources on strategy alone. That’s where we come in. With our extensive history of successful business strategy development, we can help you define, communicate, focus and achieve your business strategy.

  • Our Business Strategy Solutions team will work with your organization to line up your business with your strategy. We ensure that all facets of your organization are tuned in to the goals and we help put in place an approach that allows you to monitor and adjust your strategy efforts as you go.


  • Whether you are launching a new service in the market or an entirely new business, your strategy is integral to your chances for success. Even the best ideas will fail if the strategy is wrong. Let Management Outsourcing use its array of business, technical, management and communication skills to give you the best chance at success.

  • Our customers know we care. We view business strategy as a vital component to long-term viability and growth for your organization. When our Business Strategy solutions team is done, you will be left with a sustainable, simple method for ensuring your organization is aligned and ready to perform.

Why NVS Analytics

  • A premiere contact center that believes in taking your business to the next level.

  • We are an end-to end call center service provider.

  • Help you address your business issues through our innovative solution.
  • Unlock business excellence through round-the-clock services.</p<

  • Availability of highly skilled manpower and quality of work.

  • Competent, professional and efficient back office solutions.

  • Extremely competitive prices make us the first choice.

Services We Offer

Inbound customer care services.

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Outbound contact center services.

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Back office services.

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NVS Analytics helps you to supervise your entire outsourcing venture.

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What you expect from us

  • Significant improvement in quality and productivity of your business and services.

  • Fast turnaround of your outsourcing projects.

  • Availability of BPO services 24 by 7.

  • Cost effective business plans and high return on investment.